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Sperm Rider: seed of destruction 16/16 medals

2009-05-22 10:58:43 by jaksmillie

<Medals for sperm rider>

Game over- 5G
Get a game over.

Master of time and space - 5G
Pause the game.

Backfire- 10G
Destroy an enemy by deflecting a projectile at it.

Drunken air show- 10G
Play a custom game with only jets.

I am illiterate- 10G
Spend less than five seconds on the first tutorial.

Mega combo- 10G
Get a 20+ combo.

Tankicular homicide- 10G
Squish a pedestrian by pushing tank over it.

Hanging in there- 25G
Regenerate a total of 10 health bars over games.

I am literate- 25G
Spend more than 12 seconds on the first tutorial.

Looking for a challenge- 25G
Survive ten minutes in custom mode with all units set to maximum intensity.

Toast master- 25G
Kill 10 enemies with the zeppelin's laser.

Ball fondler- 50G
Get a score of 10,000 in grenade juggler.

Cavalier of sperm- 50G
Beat story mode.

Esavivivity- 50G
Survive 5 minutes on missile crisis.

Pedestrian devastation- 50G
Get a score of 100 in pancake factory.

Seed of Destruction- 100G
Beat story mode on hard difficulty.

Total- 460G

Game Over- Just die.

Master of time and space- Just pause the game.

Backfire- On the second level, just hover below a helicopter and when it fires spin your tail.

Drunken Air Show- Just start a custom game and set it to jets only. You will get the medal right away.
I am illiterate- just press enter as soon as the first tutorial pops up.

Mega combo- This one may be difficult for some people. Just go into the juggling mini game and get an amazing combo going. After a while of playing the mini game you get the hang of it.

Tankicular homicide- Just push tank over a pedestrian.

Hanging in there- it's really self explanatory. Just get damaged recover fully, then get damaged again and recover fully. Repeat this 10 times. You can sometimes get this without trying.

I am literate- Just spend 12+ seconds on the first tutorial.

Looking for a challenge- In custom game mode set all units to maximum intensity, and survive for 10 long, hard minutes.

Toast master- self explanatory. With the zeppelin's laser, just kill 10 enemies.

Ball Fondler- It isn't that hard of a medal if you ask me, but it still is hard to some people. Just try juggling two balls at once a lot of times. It you get a 20+ combo then that will unlock the mega combo medal and if you would hold that combo then you could easily get the medal.

Cavalier of Sperm- Just beat the game. Its very easy.

Esavivivity- This ones kind of hard but not really. Just travel in one direction on missile crisis, changing directions every time a missile gets really close. When you do that just stop and quickly turn around so your tail whips come of the missiles away.

Pedestrian Devastation- simply get a score of 100 in pancake factory.

Seed of Destruction- Just beat the game on hard. I didn't find it that hard.

<<Here is the walkthrough for lightbot.>>

Medals- 25G - KEY PUNCHER- complete the first five levels.
25G - SYSTEMS ANALYST- complete the first nine levels.
50G - PROGRAMMER- complete the entire Lightbot game.

Level 1- Main: walk, walk, on
F1: none
F2: none

Level 2- Main: right, walk, left, walk, walk, walk, walk, left, walk, on
F1: none
F2: none

Level 3- Main: walk, jump, jump, walk, on, left, walk, on, walk, on
F1: none
F2: none


Level 4- Main: walk, jump, jump, walk, right, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, on
F1: none
F2: none

Level 5- Main: jump, walk, walk, left, walk, walk, walk, left, jump, jump, jump, on
F1: none
F2: none

Level 6- Main: walk, F2, right, F2, on, jump, right, F1, right, right, F1, F1
F1: walk, walk, walk, on
F2: jump, jump

Level 7- Main: F1, F1, right, walk, right, F1, F1
F1: on, walk, on, walk, on, walk, on, walk
F2: none

Level 8- Main: jump, walk, on, walk, walk, right, F1, F1, on, F2, F2
F1: on, walk, walk, on, walk, walk, right
F2: walk, walk, on, right

Level 9- Main: jump, left, jump, F1, F1, F1, F1
F1: jump, on, walk, on, jump, on, right
F2: none


Level 10- Main: F1, left, jump, left, walk, right, jump, walk,, walk, on, left, F2
F1: walk, walk, walk, jump, left, jump, jump
F2: jump, left, F1, right, jump, jump, walk, on

Level 11- Main: F1, F1, F1, F2, F2, walk, right, jump, right, F1, F1, F1
F1: F2, left, jump, left, F2, right, jump, right
F2: on, walk, on, walk, on, walk, on

Level 12- Main: walk, jump, F1, F2, right, F2, right, jump, on, jump, on
F1: F2, right, F2, right, F2, right, F2
F2: jump, on, jump, on, jump, on


Street Fighter Collab 8/8 of the medals

2009-05-18 20:14:04 by jaksmillie

BLOODSHOT: just click play all and watch the whole thing. If you don't got the patience then select play all and just leave the computer. You don't get the medal until after the credits.

YODELAY-HEE-HOO!- During stampers flash there will be a time when it switches to a scene with a guy in a mask. When you see him quickly click his dick five times to unlock this acvhiement.

TURTLES- During Johny Utahs flash, at one point it will show a scene of a man on a table with beer bottles balanced and a turtle will be on top of them. Just click the turtle.

ONO BONERS- in Chakra X's flash when Sakura is lying on the ground, click her tit and then click her ass. After the part where the dude's hair goes into a point, click her ass and then both of her tits.

TIGER NIPPLES- click both of Sagat's nipples in gels flash.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE- on the scene select screen go to el Cid's video, but don't click on it. Go to the picture of Ryu and you will find an X on his finger. Click on it and watch the whole thing.

TIGER UPPERCUT- during tom fulps flash (at any time) do the combo right arrow + down arrow + right arrow and A button = medal

EGG HUNTER- Watch the following easter eggs-
-In Pigpen's flash click on the green dude when he electricutes Ryu.
-In Themexicanmuffinsman's flash click the menu behind Chun-Li.
-In Biff the Timid's flash click on the skull that appears on the health bar after the guy gets blown in half.
-In Egoraptor's movie in the second scene with the black guy, click on his mustache.
-Watch the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE video (see DOMESTIC VIOLENCE medal above).

These are all the medals.

I have to be the most unlucky person in the world or have the cheapest wacom tablet in the world.

I was working on flash and the effects were really good because i had a wacom tablet. I need to erase something and when i try to erase it doesn't work. I open up the wacom tablet and find out that the eraser part of it doesn't work. and a month and a half later i am working on another amazing flash but in the middle of drawing something, all of a sudden my wacom pen snaps in half. I have to stop development on the flash because of this and because i am only 13 i have to raise the money in order to buy another and anyone who is reading this please do not buy the bamboo wacom tablet.


The cheapest wacom tablet in the world.

Madness: Zombie attack

2008-05-17 16:08:19 by jaksmillie

Coming out in Late May, I will introduce you to the Madness: Zombie Attack. A defense game where you will go through 20 or 30 (havn't decided yet) levels of madness. Advance in levels to obtain different and more powerful weapons that will kick zombie ass.

Madness: Zombie attack


2008-05-03 17:13:21 by jaksmillie

May 1, 2008 Today i got to be newground's watch cause my blams and saves add up to 100. woopee for me.
May 5, 2008 Today i got Scout rank for blams and saves.
May 5, 2008 Today i got to level 5.
May 15, 2008 Today I got to level 6.