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Learning AS3 and working on a new Zombie RPG game, stay tuned for more information.

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8,625 Points

Basement 10 Points

kill the first boss

Rank: CA 50 Points

Achieve the Rank CA

Rank: GI 50 Points

Achieve the Rank GI

Kredit 2 Team 5 Points

Watching kredit make me STRONG

Rank: PD 50 Points

Achieve the Rank PD

N00Binator 5 Points

Kill the N00bs.

First Flight 5 Points

Beat Room 5

Psilocybin 5 Points

Eat some magic mushrooms.

Purple Night 5 Points

Finish all levels in Purple Night!

Keel Wastes 5 Points

Finish all levels in Keel Wastes!

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<Medals for sperm rider>

Game over- 5G
Get a game over.

Master of time and space - 5G
Pause the game.

Backfire- 10G
Destroy an enemy by deflecting a projectile at it.

Drunken air show- 10G
Play a custom game with only jets.

I am illiterate- 10G
Spend less than five seconds on the first tutorial.

Mega combo- 10G
Get a 20+ combo.

Tankicular homicide- 10G
Squish a pedestrian by pushing tank over it.

Hanging in there- 25G
Regenerate a total of 10 health bars over games.

I am literate- 25G
Spend more than 12 seconds on the first tutorial.

Looking for a challenge- 25G
Survive ten minutes in custom mode with all units set to maximum intensity.

Toast master- 25G
Kill 10 enemies with the zeppelin's laser.

Ball fondler- 50G
Get a score of 10,000 in grenade juggler.

Cavalier of sperm- 50G
Beat story mode.

Esavivivity- 50G
Survive 5 minutes on missile crisis.

Pedestrian devastation- 50G
Get a score of 100 in pancake factory.

Seed of Destruction- 100G
Beat story mode on hard difficulty.

Total- 460G

Game Over- Just die.

Master of time and space- Just pause the game.

Backfire- On the second level, just hover below a helicopter and when it fires spin your tail.

Drunken Air Show- Just start a custom game and set it to jets only. You will get the medal right away.
I am illiterate- just press enter as soon as the first tutorial pops up.

Mega combo- This one may be difficult for some people. Just go into the juggling mini game and get an amazing combo going. After a while of playing the mini game you get the hang of it.

Tankicular homicide- Just push tank over a pedestrian.

Hanging in there- it's really self explanatory. Just get damaged recover fully, then get damaged again and recover fully. Repeat this 10 times. You can sometimes get this without trying.

I am literate- Just spend 12+ seconds on the first tutorial.

Looking for a challenge- In custom game mode set all units to maximum intensity, and survive for 10 long, hard minutes.

Toast master- self explanatory. With the zeppelin's laser, just kill 10 enemies.

Ball Fondler- It isn't that hard of a medal if you ask me, but it still is hard to some people. Just try juggling two balls at once a lot of times. It you get a 20+ combo then that will unlock the mega combo medal and if you would hold that combo then you could easily get the medal.

Cavalier of Sperm- Just beat the game. Its very easy.

Esavivivity- This ones kind of hard but not really. Just travel in one direction on missile crisis, changing directions every time a missile gets really close. When you do that just stop and quickly turn around so your tail whips come of the missiles away.

Pedestrian Devastation- simply get a score of 100 in pancake factory.

Seed of Destruction- Just beat the game on hard. I didn't find it that hard.

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